A full service video production company.
Fiction, Commercial, Documentary.


Humans have been telling stories since we first scrawled on a cave wall. The stories we tell bring us together.
On every side of the world, people get up, work hard, care for their families, and then go to bed.  We can work together to make that a bit easier.
Video can excite, humanize, and propel your company.  Let us show the world how awesome you are.
Jeff Morgan has worked for many years building excellent relationships with high-quality, talented, reliable, and focused individuals.  Production Designers, Sound Mixers, Animators, Composers, Camera Department… just let us know what you need.
Full featured production equipment including 4k cameras, professional camera support including a dolly, slider and gimbal, lighting equipment, silks, sound recording and more.

Editing systems based around the Adobe Creative Cloud with which I have 18 years experience.



Director, Producer, Editor, Writer & Cinematographer ( Local 600 ) Jeff discovered the arts as early as he can remember and never looked back. Earning his BFA in Digital Cinema and Electronic Imaging, then living in Los Angeles and working his way up in the Motion Picture and Advertising fields of production.

He moved back to Michigan to start his production company and has made numerous documentaries, commercials, corporate videos, feature films and more. He has won awards for his fictional, commercial, and documentary work. Some of the hobbies that have helped in Jeff’s work include the martial arts, musicianship, illustration, cultural studies, and generally geeky things like Dungeons & Dragons. Life has helped inform impact collaborations with Child and Adult Foster Care, Mental Health Agencies, Charitable Organizations, and more.

Jeff is happy to get coffee and chat about your ideas, big and small.


Write to Jeff at PrometheusMotionPictures dot com
Call 231 342 3877